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SGAME PRO - “mine” crypto-tokens simply by playing

Mobile gaming platform, no doubt it is among the growing platforms of the present era. In reality, the platform predicts that when you are playing you'll also develop into an SGM token miner. This platform has the top rated mobile games so that you may easily select the best one. This platform has unique characteristics that are the principal reason behind its popularity. ABOUT SGAMEPRO I Know you are eager to learn about this remarkable platform. Although SGAMEPRO such a platform wasn't created much earlier, it's expected that it's going to be ideal. If you genuinely want to get involved with the video game-based platform, you can join them on Telegram together with download and read the whole whitepaper on the organization site.
SGAMEPRO Playing online games is among the most well-known pastimes, and not only for the youth. So finally, SGAMEPRO will be a big project and people who play games can make an outstanding quantity of money by playing games here. SGAMEPRO is something which can be popular in a brief time in all around the world. Summary SGAMEPRO is an excellent platform for both game producers and game players. Summary SgamePro that is a really potential current project, offers an extremely great investment opportunity for investors. SgamePro SGM Token ICO Details There's a whitelist on the business website that you might also connect to.
Digital Bros is notorious for taking advantage of new opportunities provided by various digital distribution channels which are now growing, together with the conventional retail channels. If you're also a large fan of online games then should be happy to know you can play with its cryptocurrency. The authors of Sgamepro are passionate about new customers and help all to become part of the community of contemporary technologies. Publishers will have the choice to reward SGAMEPRO tokens to the selected gamers in addition to they're also able to promote their games to distinct users. Investors want to visit a team that's skilled and expert enough to create a business model and a product which is robust and dependable. While using celebrities or industry influencers is a wonderful tactic there are a few drawbacks.
Some games are getting to be incredibly popular, and a few people today forget about every week, regardless of the initial excitement. They contain adds that is very irritating. Therefore, if you're a lover of cellular games, and didn't locate a platform or place in which you receive an opportunity to reveal your skills, then SGAMEPRO is the most suitable platform for you. It's very exciting to play games with quite a few people and raise your social interactions. Because of this reason, individuals are extremely excited to play online games. Playing online games is among the most well-known pastimes, and not only for the youth. There are a lot of online games are readily available.
In Sgame Pro, players won't only be able to locate the most recent games, but they'll also have the chance to challenge others in previously single-player games, creating a completely new game mode. The players can immediately use SGM through their Swallet to carry out all types of transactions on the SGAMEPRO ecosystem with no more cost or time delay. Through the platform, they will not only be able to play their favourite mobile games with friends but will also be able to earn SGM tokens at the same time. They are rewarded according to the time and skills on the platform, which is determined by the Proof-of-Play' protocol. In this way, they can also generate real money by playing the amazing video games. Players and influencers are going to have unique public panel that includes an overall description of the score, play time and other details.
Increasing quantities of high quality mobile games are climbing. A large part of the methods to make money involve gamers playing games which they do not delight in. The the next couple of tips will reveal to you just how to engage your audience and begin the transformation from casual visitor to life-long fan. The last tips will explain to you ways to convert visitors into subscribers.
In the event the community isn't being transparent in its dealings, an investor needs to be wary. If you would like to join the undertaking, you ought to be whitelisted and you have to fill up the KYC as a way to take part in the token sale. When you're looking for an ICO project to put money into, check into the feasibility of the idea and how successful will it be in the future. So it's going to be a substantial project. Then there are projects that are made solely for the intent of developing a coin. The ICO team must be approachable and friendly.


Token Sale Details

  • Issuer: Sgame Sa (Swiss Based)
  • Symbol: SGM
  • Type: ERC20
  • Main Sale: Sept 2018
  • Price in Main Sale: CHF 0.12
  • Exchange Rate ETH/CHF: 24h prior Main Sale
  • Currency: ETH
  • KYC: Required

Token Distribution

  • Total Supply: 350m
  • Sold to long term strategic partners (lockup period): 139.5m
  • Crowd Sale: 55m
  • SGM Liquidity Reserve: 83m
  • Kept by Issuer (lockup period): 51m
  • Advisors & Founders (lockup period): 15m
  • Bounties & Airdrops: 6.5m

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SGAME PRO - “mine” crypto-tokens simply by playing
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